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Property Management Services

Property Management Services

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Management of Property Rentals

  • Procedural issues of existing rentals on properties, including check-in and check-out procedures.
  • Procedural issues of new rentals to be signed, including assessment of prospective tenants.
  • Administration of rental receipts and Financial Management.
  • Regular financial reporting to owners.
  • Communication with tenants and resolution of all issues arising from the rental of the properties, including out-of-hours support.

Management of the state of Maintenance
/ Renovation / Energy Upgrade of Buildings

  • Project management for Maintenance / Renovation / Energy Upgrade of Buildings.
  • Energy Certification of Buildings.
  • On-going management of properties state of Maintenance to maintain investment value.

Management of Buildings

  • Issue and receipt of Common Services expenses in Buildings.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements for Buildings Common Services expenses.
  • Procedural issues of management of commonly owned buildings.