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AP Mediterranean

AP Mediterranean Property Services Ltd was established in 2021 with the clear vision to offer independent property consulting services, quick and efficient execution of property transaction services in Greece and Cyprus and high quality property management services

Our services

Our services

Services for Properties

We offer value adding Real Estate consulting for all kinds of issues and projects. Our client-centered approach delivers high quality service and exemplary professional advice. By analysing our clients’ financial situation, objectives and investment budget, we offer the best possible advice for Real Estate investments in Greece and Cyprus.

Execution of
Property Transactions
in Greece and Cyprus

We undertake the full execution of property transactions from the beginning to the end in Greece and Cyprus, navigating through the complicated and time-consuming procedures involved with the various government bodies. We have a unique expertise and knowledge of the Greek Notarial Property Transfer System.

Management Services

We provide a complete Property Management Service for Residential and Commercial buildings of all sizes across Cyprus. At the same time we also offer a broad range of separate services to choose from, whatever your Property Management needs are. We constantly strive to implement both new and proven methods that go above and beyond regular Property Management, adding value and enhancing service to our clients.


Our Projects
Feel the
Feel the
Magic with
We assist you in investing in the Magic of the Mediterranean, which can be enjoyable, financially rewarding and stress free.